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This year (2014) is an election year for the EOS Board and there are five seats to be filled. We invite you to nominate candidates for election to the Board. Nominations may be made either by letter or by e-mail.  If by letter, this must be signed by three EOS members (not including the person nominated). A letter from the person nominated, accepting the nomination, must also be enclosed (or sent separately). If by e-mail, each of the three EOS members supporting the nomination must send in a separate e-mail indicating their support for the candidate.  (This is important, as the receipt of three separate e-mails is being accepted in lieu of signatures.). In addition, the person nominated must send an e-mail accepting the nomination. Contact details for both letters and e-mails are given below.

Please note that all four people involved (candidate and three supporters) must be members (Full or Associate) of EOS.

Each EOS member is entitled to nominate up to three candidates for election to the Board. There is no rule to prevent the same three people nominating more than one candidate. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to nominate candidates for the election later this year.

For your information, the present EOS Board is:

Andres, Pedro Andres (Spain)            (terms ends 2016)
Bergmann, Ralf (Germany)                (Treasurer;  term ends this year but eligible for re-nomination)
Björk, Gunnar (Sweden)                     (term ends this year but eligible for re-nomination)
Denz, Cornelia (Germany)                  (term ends this year; is not eligible for re-election)
Dennis, Mark (UK)                             (Branch representative for the UK)
Ettemayer, Andreas (Switzerland)       (terms ends 2016)
Honkanen, Seppo (Finland)                (President Elect: automatically becomes President for 2014-16)
Huignard, Jean Pierre (France)           (Branch representative for France)
Lefevre, Herve (France)                      (retiring Past President; is not eligible for re-election)
Livshits, Irena (Russia)                       (elected to represent the Affiliated Societies)
Ozols, Andris (Latvia)                         (Branch representative for Hungary, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine)
Paterson, Carl (UK)                            (term ends this year but eligible for re-nomination)
Pfeffer, Michael (Germany)                 (Secretary; Branch representative for Germany)
Ramponi, Roberta (Italy)                     (EU Representative; term ends this year and is not eligible for re-election)
Righini, Giancarlo (Italy)                     (terms ends 2016)
Segonds, Patricia (France)                 (terms ends 2016)
Sibilia, Concita (Italy)                         (Branch representative for Italy, Sweden, Switzerland))
Urbach, Paul (Netherlands)                 (retiring President: automatically becomes Past President for 2014-16 with a seat on the Board)
Vlad, Valentin (Romania)                    (Chair of the Advisory Committee)

To clarify the above, the vacancies for election by the membership in 2014 are the seats presently occupied by:

Bergmann, Ralf (Germany)
Björk, Gunnar (Sweden)
Denz, Cornelia (Germany)
Paterson, Carl (UK)
Ramponi, Roberta (Italy)

Ralf Bergmann, Gunnar Bjork and Carl Paterson are eligible to stand for re-election if they wish to do so, but must be nominated in the usual way.

Nominations close on 31 March 2014, but it will assist the election organizers if you send your nominations in as soon as possible.

Contact details for nominations:

By letter:    David Briers, Cwm Gorllwyn, Tegryn, Llanfyrnach, SA35 0DN, UK
By e-mail:


 Executive Committee

Photo Paul Urbach President:
Paul Urbach
Netherlands, TU Delft

President Elect:
Seppo Honkanen

Finland, University of Eastern Finland


Photo Hervé Lefèvre

Past President:
Hervé Lefèvre
France, IXBLUE

  Secretary of the Board:
Michael Maximilian Pfeffer

Germany, University of Applied Science Ravensburg-Weingarten
Ralf B. Bergmann

Germany, Bremer Institut fuer angewandte Strahltechnik (BIAS)

Chairman of the Advisory Committee:
Valentin Vlad
Romania, National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics - University of Bucharest

Photo Roberta Ramponi EU Representative:
Roberta Ramponi
Italy, Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico Milano

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 Board of Directors

Ralf B. Bergmann
Bremer Institut fuer angewandte Strahltechnik (BIAS), Germany

Gunnar Björk
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
Photo Pedro Andrés Bou Pedro Andrés Bou
Universidad de Valencia, Spain
Mark Dennis
Bristol University,
United Kingdom;
IOP Optical Group representative
Photo Cornelia Denz


Cornelia Denz
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

   Photo Andreas Ettemeyer


Andreas Ettemeyer
University of Applied Sciences of Technology Buchs NTB, Switzerland

Seppo Honkanen
University of Eastern Finland, Finland

  Photo Daniel Dolfi

Jean Pierre Huignard
consultant in Photonics, France; SFO representative

Photo Hervé Lefevre

Hervé Lefevre
IXBLUE, France


  Irina Livshits
National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russia; representative of the Affiliated Societies

Andris Ozols
Riga Technical University, Latvia; representative of the small Branches Hungary, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine

Carl Paterson
Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  Michael Maximilian Pfeffer
University of Applied Science Ravensburg-Weingarten, Germany;
DGaO Representative
Photo Roberta Ramponi


Roberta Ramponi
Politecnico di Milano, Italy



Giancarlo Righini
National Research Council, Italy


Patricia Segonds
University Joseph Fourier, France

  Photo Concita Sibilia Concita Sibilia
Università di Roma, Italy;
representative of the small Branches Italy, Sweden and Switzerland

Valentin Vlad
National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics - University of Bucharest, Romania; Chairman of the Advisory Committee

  Photo Paul Urbach Paul Urbach
TU Delft, Netherlands

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 Advisory Committee

Valentin Vlad
DOQE-RPS - Romanian Optoelectronics Society
  Photo Risto Myllylä

Deputy Chairman: Risto Myllylä
FOS - Finnish Optical Society

Photo Peter Andersen

Peter E. Andersen
DOPS - Danish Optical Society
  Photo Oleg Angelsky Oleg Angelsky
USPAO - Ukrainian Society of Pure and Applied Optics
Photo Mario Bertolotti Mario Bertolotti
SIOF - Societa' Italiana di Ottica e Fotonica
  Gunnar Björk
SOS - Swedish Optical Society

Joaquín Campos Acosta
SEDOPTICA - Spanish Optical Society




Manuel Filipe Costa
SPOF - Portuguese Society for the Development of Optics and Photonics


  Alain Cornet
CBO-BCO / Promoptica
    Aladar Czitrovsky
HOS - Hungarian Optical Society


Mark Dennis
IOP - Institute of Physics Optical Group


  Photo Cornelia Denz Cornelia Denz
DGaO - German Society of Applied Optics

Bernhard Hoenders
DPS-OS - Dutch Society for Optics and Photonics

  Photo Ivan B. Kovsh Ivan B. Kovsh
LAS - Laser Association Russia

Jean Pierre Huignard
SFO - Société Francaise d'Optique

  Photo Irina Livshits Irina Livshits
ROS - Rozhdestvensky Optical Society, Russia

Photo Andris Ozols

Andris Ozols
LOS - Latvian Optical Society

Photo Reinhard Poprawe

Reinhard Poprawe
WLT - German Scientific Laser Society

Photo Aasmund Sudbo

Aasmud Sudbo
NPS-OD - Norwegian Physical Society - Optics Division
  Photo Andreas Ettemeyer Thomas Südmeyer
SSOM - Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy
Photo Pavel Tománek

Pavel Tománek
CSSF - Czech and Slovak Society for Photonics

  no photo available Ewa Weinert-Raczka
PPS-OD - Polish Physical Society - Optics division


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